Bratsberg / Mariette – recently moved in at Bratsberg Brygge!

– recently moved in at Bratsberg Brygge!

Mariette Røed Torjussen is the entrepreneur behind Mariette and has been renting at Porselensfabrikken Business Park for several years. It has been exciting to follow Mariettes´ success and development within retail design. We are looking forward to following her further in new premises at Bratsberg Brygge where she has renewed her tenancy with us.

Mariette has managed to stand out in a heavily competitive industry by focusing on sustainability, timelessness and quality. Mariette directs her attention towards the unique and peculiar, and as of today she has a long list of clients in Vestfold/Telemark and Oslo.

I want to make products that people won´t get tired of, but instead use again and again.

Mariette spends several hours tailoring clothes with textiles of top quality. At an earlier stage, clothing design was the only thing Mariette focused on, but today you can buy gorgeous headboards, cushions and lampshades on her new premises at the dock. This is what characterises Mariette – she is ambitious and creative, a go-getter with remarkable courage.

In Mariette´s premises you receive a warm welcome by both Mariette and her dog, Ferdinand. He has been a part of her days at work since he was a puppy, and has been an important supporter throughout the years. There is little Ferdinand loves more than kind people stopping by – and receiving pets.

A window display has been long sought after, and I have received lots of positive feedback from people finally being able to view my clothes, says Mariette with a bright smile.

We are thrilled about Mariette extending her tenancy with us. There is little that pleases us more than happy tenants, and we will facilitate for her to thrive in her new premises at Bratsberg Brygge, says Malin Betten Hansen.

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