Bratsberg / Striving together for ambition

Striving together for ambition

Vidar Mathiesen, MD / CEO at Inflow Control and Simon Stordalen, director of Bratsberg Næringseiendom are both determined to see the control valve technology company achieve worldwide success from Porselensfabrikken in Porsgrunn.

– We like the ambitious approach of Bratsberg

Expansion all the way

– We have clear ambitions for continued expansion from here at Porselensfabrikken, says Vidar Mathiesen, MD / CEO and founder of Inflow Control. The company moved into a brick building with a couple of offices and a laboratory in 2014. They are currently in the process of expanding with new offices and production premises.

The best in the world

– Here in Porsgrunn, we’re developing the world’s best technology and have the world’s best people, who are recognised and sought after by the world’s biggest and best oil companies, says Mathiesen proudly on behalf of the Inflow team. Schlumberger og and other large oil service companies have tried to get this to work, but it’s us at Inflow Control who have the technological know-how, and who have been able to demonstrate that this technology works.


Inflow Control has developed a control valve technology which reduces emissions and increases oil production with lower costs. The company received the Rystad Energy prize, Gullkronen (The Gold Crown) 2020 for best New Venture of the Year.

– It’s been a long journey. We have waited with great anticipation for this breakthrough, and now the time has come, said Inflow’s founders Vidar Mathiesen and Bjørnar Werswick during the awards ceremony in January 2020.

Thinking big – invested considerably

– We think big, we have done since the beginning, says Vidar Mathiesen. – This really does fit our way of doing things, adds Simon Stordalen of Bratsberg Næringseiendom. We have, right from the start, invested considerably in the Inflow building and continue to tailor to the company’s needs. It’s fantastic to be a partner in Inflow’s development, says Stordalen.

– If not here, where else?

Why have you chosen to develop yourselves internationally from Porsgrunn?

– If not here, where else?, asks Mathiesen rhetorically. We live and work here, and are building on the skills of the industry where the entrepreneurs met each other. What was crucial in our decision to establish ourselves here at Porselensfabrikken was our first encounter with Bratsberg Næringseiendom.

Being ambitious is in keeping with how we operate

– We looked at several possibilities, and saw potential in the old brick building, which was at that time an empty factory building, explains Vidar. – The property developer said immediately,
“We can get this off the ground for you- how soon do you need it ready?”. We liked this ambitious approach. It is in keeping with how we operate.

Attracting the best

– Of course, we need to attract the best people, explains Mathiesen. To have good premises is important. One of our top candidates was a little sceptical, but when she saw the premises here at Porselensfabrikken, it helped her make her decision to start with us.

– Look at the walls. We want to look international and innovative, and to be the ones who dare to challenge and compete with established international companies.

Creating the right work environment

Mathiesen talks about personnel team building in order to establish how the work environment should be.

– We have put a lot of creativity into the walls and the logos, which are incorporated into the murals and window surfaces. Creating the right work environment helps attract the best people.

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