Bratsberg / Award for Hollenderiet on Klosterøya

Award for Hollenderiet on Klosterøya

Bratsberg received Skien Council’s Preservation Award for Hollenderiet in 2019. Klosterøya’s oldest factory building from 1907 has been completely rehabilitated and tranformed into ultra-modern business premises.

The rehabilitation of Hollenderiet has secured an important piece of cultural heritage set around 100 years’ paper production in Skien. Together with the factory chimney and gatehouse, Hollenderiet represents an important element of Skien’s industrial history. Furthermore, in its case for putting forward Hollenderiet for the prize, Skien Council writes that it offers an aesthetic enrichment to all who frequent the area.

Lunchtime at Hollenderiet

PURE Juicebar & Café opened a new food and café concept in 2019.

Refreshing addition: Tonje Christoffersen and PT-colleague at SATS, Klosterøya think Pure is a refreshing addition to the island. – We now have a super café, which is great for us who work here, as well as for all our fitness customers.

Location: Hollenderiet is situated in Uniontorget, surrounded by an upper secondary school, several office buildings and services. There is a fitness centre, a hairdresser’s and table service.

Hollenderiet was previously part of Klosterfossen paper factory, where pulp was produced with equipment known as «hollender». Hollenderiet has been recreated in its original style, with tall steel windows and arched tops on all facades. The bricks in the facades have been preserved, and the original openings in the constructions are reclaimed.

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