Bratsberg / The bridge will contribute to create 650 workplaces at Klosterøya

The bridge will contribute to create 650 workplaces at Klosterøya

Petter Øygarden has recently stated to the media the significance Bryggevann- bridge will have for Skien as a city. The bridge has been a prioritised measure in the urban planning program for Skien 2020, though there has not yet been decided when construction will start. This affects the predictability to the actors wishing to develop our city, for the pleasure and benefits of the inhabitants.

Predictability is necessary to be able to go all in.

Bryggevann-brua is an important part of the elongated walking- and cycling path “Bryggevannet rundt” and will therefore become a joyous offer to our citizens. An elongated walking- and cycling path could cause ingrown habits to change, and lead more people to travel in and out of Skien city centre without motor vehicles as means of transportation. The result of this will be a significantly more harmonious and traffic free city centre.

The bridge will connect Skien´s city parts together and create a more vibrant city centre, by offering alternative routes to travel. At the same time, it will increase the construction activity and start a development project at Klosterøya giving 650 new workplaces in the local employment of Skien city and stimulating private businesses.

Bratsberg has based the construction of the Bryggevann-bridge as a prerequisite to create 650 new office jobs.

Bratsberg has laid the foundation for a diverse business with several well established businesses, communities and Skien Videregående Skole – housing around 1.000 students. Bryggevann-brua will make Klosterøya and the rest of the city centre to appear unified and concentrated with lots of people and activity.

Our vision is to see Klosterøya as an environmental friendly and attractive destination with lots of workplaces.

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