Bratsberg / Porselensfabrikken Business Park

Porselensfabrikken Business Park


Porselensvegen, Porsgrunn

Type of property:Type eiendom:

Office, service, commercial, simple production


Business property: 23 800 sqm


Børve Borchsenius

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Porselensfabrikken Business Park is readily visible as part of Porsgrunn’s new area of development on the west side, along the river. The business properties are surrounded by new residential development at Porselesfabrikken, and connected to commercial urban areas on the east side via Porsgrunn Bridge. Another of our business properties, Bratsberg Brygge, is also located here. Bratsberg Brygge has established itself as a popular restaurant area in Porsgrunn.

Established residential zones are situated in the area surrounding Porselensfabrikken, as well as several expanding business areas along the river in Porsgrunn. Porsgrunn Business Park is situated here, while Grenland Logistics Park is located on Herøya, another of Bratsberg’s business properties, close to the industrial area of Herøya Industrial Park.

The major roads in Grenland and several bus routes serve Porselensfabrikken. The E18 motorway is only a short distance away. Porsgrunn’s public transport interchange and railway station are 15 minutes’ walk away.

About the property

Porselensfabrikken clearly stands out with several characteristic brick buildings, combined with new buildings, employing densification methods. The factory buildings, the legacy of 120 years of porcelain production, are totally rehabilitated and transformed into an ultra-modern and totally unique business space.

The business premises have open areas, ample headroom and customer-friendly entrances on several sides of the building. The different floors contain open plan offices, meeting rooms and common areas with distinguishable historical girders and brickwork, which create a unique and appealing office ambience.

Porselensfabrikken Business Park operates its own energy centre, which uses renewable energy from the river for environmentally friendly heating and cooling of the entire business property, as well as streets and housing.

Brostenstorg, the jetties and the café provide inviting meeting places on the pier for both staff and visitors to Porselensfabrikken.


Porselensfabrikken Business Park has a shopping centre, services, and the Porcelain Museum, built at ground level and suited to a large number of visitors. Here at the Business Park, there is a food shop, café, fitness centre, health clinic and the Porcelain Museum. Here, along with the sale of porcelain, craft production, porcelain painting and creative activities, you will find an art gallery. On the other floors, numerous technological engineering and health businesses have been established.

Some of the bigger leaseholders at Porselensfabrikken Business Park include Inflow Control, Visma, Norconsult, Azets, SATS, Stamina Occupational health service, Porselensklinikken, Porsgrund Porselænsfabrik (PP) Factory Outlet and craft production, The Porcelain Museum, and Telemark Museum.


Plenty of parking space both undercover and outside.

Photos of Porselensfabrikken Business Park

Jobber i ny digitalindustri i Porselensfabrikken Næringspark, Bratsberg Næringseieindom.
Porselensfabrikken Bratsberg
Porselensmaler i Porsgrund Porselænsfabrik (PP), i Porselensfabrikken Næringspark, Porsgrunn, Bratsberg Næringseiendom

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