Bratsberg / Malin Betten Hansen

Malin Betten Hansen

Property manager, Bratsberg Næringseiendom

I can help you

I let our vacant premises, take care of current leaseholders, as well as assist in the general work with our property portfolio. Call me if you are on the lookout for any premises in particular. I can also help you if there are any changes and new requirements in your business. I have a full overview of the opportunities our property portfolio offers.

My working day 

Forming good and long term relationships with the leaseholders and striving to make sure each individual has the necessary means to ensure all their needs are met. Our premises shall be good places to work, and be conducive to the creation of growth for the leaseholders.

My skills

Genuinely interested in property and building working relationships. Solution-oriented, adaptable and able to listen to the clients’ needs in order to find good and long term solutions.

My focus

Respect and honesty are values I place high. I live according to the belief that one can achieve everything one sets out to, so long as one is committed and works hard and determinedly with a positive approach.

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Telephone:Telefon: 476 57 134

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