Everything you need to know about Bratsberg

We want to be instrumental in helping to forge prosperity in the community and to ensure businesses can flourish. In our view, it is all about creating space for success by offering desirable business spaces, and developing and maintaining them for the future.

Bratsberg’s clients and partners have one thing in common: they aim to succeed in developing the region and running profitable businesses. Our objective is to create space for success, community and cooperation.

We do this by:

Being a generator of business development

Bratsberg supports all who wish to be part of this objective. Our story starts right here-with a desire to bring growth to the local community and to businesses. Our name stems from Bratsberg Bruk, which is steeped in tradition. This was the first building which entrepreneur Petter Øygarden rehabilitated and turned into modern business premises in 2004.

Since then, we have transformed run-down industrial and urban areas in Skien and Porsgrunn into instigators for business and town centre development. Today, we are the biggest property developer in Grenland, with a market leading position in business property. It is Bratsberg Næringseiendom’s objective to develop, lease and oversee property.

We are here to help

We can develop the region together! Bratsberg can assist with everything within development, management and the running of the property. We work closely alongside architects and construction and environmental experts. Together, we are able to devise good solutions for our clients. In short, Bratsberg is an attractive partner for you:

  • If you aim to realise a property or a project.
  • If you need office or business space with a good location.
Oversiktsbilde av Klosterøya Næringspark i Skien
Klosterøya Næringspark

Our people

Bratsberg aims to be a driving force for economic growth. We must then, work together with both the local community as well as our clients. Only by listening to different view points and concerns, will we be able to better ourselves. Teamwork is a common principle for everyone working at Bratsberg.

This permeates through how we work with everything from developing new business concepts, to making sure the working day runs smoothly at the office, in the shop or at the warehouse. We must be prepared to work across our various disciplines in order to meet the needs of our clients, who all have different kinds of challenges and goals. In short, we do everything we can to make sure our clients are satisfied.

Bratsberg Brygge og ØYA i Porsgrunn

A positive domino effect

Property development is all about creating growth. Allowing for more of us to succeed will allow businesses to aquire a healthier pulse and gather momentum as they move forward into the future. Bratsberg Brygge and ØYA is an example of such a positive domino effect. This was our first urban development project that opened up this part of town by the river, and allowed cafés, restaurants, nightclubs and shops to establish themselves. This former run-down area of town has now become an urban focal point for both businesses and the general public.

Space to succeed

Similarly, access to desirable premises is a prerequisite for businesses to be able to flourish. Bratsberg develops concepts, and develops and modernises existing properties. We own and manage more than 100 000 m2 of business property in Grenland. 280 companies rent premises in our business parks in Porsgrunn, Skien and at Skoppum. Growth is created here every day; an endeavor which propels our region forwards.

For instance, the control valve technology company Inflow Control, based at Porselensfabrikken in Porsgrunn, is currently investing in a technology which is in demand from the world’s largest oil companies. Proof that modern and viable premises attract new clients, and furthermore provide the basis for an innovative working environment.

The story of Bratsberg

With urban development as its speciality Bratsberg has, over one and a half decades, grown into a leading property developer and market leader of business property in Grenland. And it all began in a derelict area of Porsgrunn.

Read the story of Bratsberg – Started with the aim of giving new life to the town.

Bratsberg, this is us. We are the people

«We do all we can to make sure our clients are satisfied».

One thing we all have in common at Bratsberg is a multidisciplinary approach to how we work. Our clients have many different concerns that need to be addressed. We have a broad and in-depth knowledge within our team. Together with leading local architects, contruction and environmental experts, we cover every speciality within development, management and overseeing of the property.

How we work

You can expect commitment and a strong team spirit, with a view to achieving joint success. We take interest, offer know-how and work on solutions together.

Contact us – We will help you.

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