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Meierikvartalet, Skien

Plans underway for Meierikvartalet

Bratsberg and Grenland Invest are now underway with implementing a plan for Meierikvartalet in Skien town centre. The development potential is considerable with an approved regulatory plan for up to 15000 m2 for residential, office, service and commercial use.

The development of Meierikvartalet stands at the heart of the continued regenerating of Skien town centre.

Bratsberg and Grenland Invest purchased Meierikvartalet in 2017, with the aim of revamping a large and run-down area in Skien town centre.

Meierikvartalet is situated at the heart of the town, an area known as «Murbyen». This area has been Skien’s nucleus, going all the way back to the town’s origins. The area was one of two alternative sites for a proposed new library. After a two-year process of evaluation, Skien Council has decided not to build a new library in Meierikvartalet.


Potensial for development: 15 000 sqm residential buildings, office, commerce

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