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Bratsberg Brygge and ØYA

Pioneering project for comprehensive urban development

Bratsberg Brygge and ØYA has been described as a pioneering project for comprehensive urban development in Porsgrunn. A derelict part of town along the river has been transformed into an urban residential area and focal point for businesses and the general public. The area is dotted with restaurants, outdoor cafés, shops and office premises, as well as a 190-apartment complex.

Bratsberg Brygge offers exciting opportunities for businesses. 

Built over one and a half decades

The start of the Bratsberg Brygge and ØYA development in 2004 was the start of the Bratsberg concern and innovative urban development in Grenland. Skomværkvartalet and the spectacular development of ØYA on the river, saw the completion of the area in 2018.

In Bratsberk Bruk, which was the first building the entrepreneurs rehabilitated for business use, Bratsberg still has its headquarters.

Connecting the town

What makes the property stand out are the large urban spaces, the plaza, the art, the sculptures, and the jetties for recreation and boating. The canals and footbridges connect the area to the town and the main street. The town’s popular walking and cycling paths, which are an important feature of the town’s structure, run through Bratsberg Brygge. ØYA has also had its own river plaza constructed.

Bratsberg Brygge is situated in Porsgrunn’s commercial zone, and joins on to Storgata, a shopping centre, Franklintorget and the new Brustrøket, which is now being developed into a green and bustling new urban area.

Year of construction:Byggeår:



District development: 190 apartments / 5,000 sqm industrial / 8,000 sqm public areas


Ferjegata 5, 3921 Porsgrunn

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