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This is our new profile

We are proud to launch our new visual identity, logo and web page. You can view our design and colour schemes here.

Our surroundings are in constant flux, and we at Bratsberg have to ensure we renew ourselves in line with continuing development. Afterall, an important aspect of our operations involves modernising industry, as well as urban areas. It ought to follow that we have the same approach towards our own brand. Here, you can get an idea of the thoughts behind our new visual identity, colour schemes and design.

A solid structure

Bratsberg’s new visual identity represents what we stand for and where we are heading. As a property developer, our goal is to not only contribute to business growth, but also to people’s well-being in their communities, thereby encouraging movement to and never from these communites. This requires that we act as a positive driving force in terms of change, at the same time as we safeguard the rich history of our region. We aim for our buildings to offer that little extra for the benefit of both businesses and individuals.

Our new visual identity therefore illustrates that:

  • Bratsberg is all about physical buildings – we stand for what is solid and durable.
  • Our projects withstand changes over time – we accommodate fluctuating trends.
  • We not only design solid structures – we construct buildings for the future.
Bratsberg Brygge Porsgrunn

Logo and colour schemes

Our new logo consists of the company name, Bratsberg, together with a symbol.

The colour palette of various tones of green is reflected in our philosophy of sustainability; our projects involve more than solid structures as seen from an engineer’s standpoint. These are buildings designed for the future, where businesses and individuals will be able to prosper for a long time to come. This will be made possible through design, function and environmental considerations. The colours also tie in with our vision for the region and for ourselves; we see it as our duty to commit ourselves wholely for the sake of growth.

The logo design comprises basic and stable elements, but also forms which signalise progress. We have chosen a symbol which illustrates solidity combined with spirit and determination, precisely because these are our most important priorities in terms of remaining competitive. If you look closely at the symbol, you can also make out the contours of a building.

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