Bratsberg / Bratsberg Brygge and Øya

Bratsberg Brygge and Øya

Type of property:Type eiendom:

Office / shopping / service / kafè / restaurants


Business properties: 5000 sqm
Square/public areal: ca. 8000 sqm

Year of construction:Byggeår:


Art in public areas:

Marit-Benthe Norheim, Spaserende, 6 figurer i betong

Claus Ørntoft, Hvirvel, skulptur

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Bratsberg Brygge and Øya is situated in Porsgrunn’s commercial zone, and joins on to Storgata, a shopping centre, Franklintorget and Brustrøket, which is now being developed into a green and bustling new urban area.

The property is situated along part of the town’s popular walking and cycling path network which runs along the river. It is also a popular recreational destination and incorporates jetties and meeting places. Bratsberg Brygge is served by several bus routes. The town’s transport interchange and railway station are 10 minutes’ walk away.

About the property

There is space for offices and commercial businesses in a number of commercial and mixed-use buildings. Skomværkvartalet (photo, yellow building) and ØYA out on the river are our two newest buildings, which completed the development of the area in 2018. In Bratsberg Bruk, the first commercial space we rehabilitated in 2005, there is space for offices and commercial businesses. Our headquarters are also situated here. (Photo, white building behind people on the bridge.)

The property really stands out, with the plaza and large open spaces, the art, canals and seating on the jetties down by the river, all contributing to its character. The river promenade stretches through the whole of the town and lends a certain quality and character to the town structure.


Bratsberg Brygge is the town’s main area for eating out, with an abundance of cafés and restaurants. There is a broad mix of services, shops, banks, property, hairdresser’s and office workspaces.

The café and restaurant businesses on Bratsberg Brygge are Jonas B. Gundersen, ØYA Spiseri, Sweet & Sour, Merci Restaurant, Elvebredden Kafé.


Street parking and the town’s carparks.

Photos of Bratsberg Brygga and Øya

Bratsberg Brygge Øya Porsgrunn
Øya-Spiseri-bratsberg brygge-porsgrunn
Elvebredden Kafe på Bratsberg Brygge i Porsgrunn
Restaurantdrivere på Bratsberg-brygge-foran-Bratsberg-Bruk
Vannkanal-JBGkafe-bratsberg brygge-porsgrunn
Elvepromenade-bratsberg brygge-porsgrunn
Skulpturkunst-bratsberg brygge-porsgrunn

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