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Klosterøya Business Park

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Uniongata, 3732 Skien

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Office, service, commercial, simple production


18 400 sqm - 7 business buildings


Børve Borchsenius

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Operations manager



Klosterøya Business Park on Klosterøya, is situated on Skien’s main road intersection between the town centre and the region’s largest shopping centre, Herkules. There are several business locations on Klosterøya, three are visible on the ridge along the main road, while four more are situated on the east side which faces towards Skien town centre and Skienselva. The buildings stand around Uniontorget and Klosterøya’s prominent landmark- the factory chimney- a remnant from the industrial epoch.

Klosterøya Business Park is surrounded by Skien upper secondary school, The Ibsen Theatre, Spriten Art Centre and artist studios, residential areas on Klosterøya Vest as well as several other ongoing residential developments on the western and northern parts of Klosterøya.

Klosterøya is served by the main road and several bus routes. Safe walking and cycling routes connect Klosterøya to Skien town centre and Herkules shopping centre. The railway station is 5 minutes away by car, and the E18 motorway is 15 minutes’ drive away.

About the property

The business spaces at Klosterøya Business Park are ultra-modern, functional premises: totally rehabilitated industrial buildings rebuilt for modern business.

The spaces are unique and possess a strong identity with discernible historical qualities. Ample headroom and tall windows allow for good lighting. The brick facades, industrial equipment (converted for modern use), and preserved overhead cranes in the office and common areas, all create a unique atmosphere.

In the business spaces on Klosterøya, there is open plan office space and many different types and sizes of conference rooms suitable for workshops, meetings, courses or functions. There are also rooms and premises for commercial businesses like fitness, health treatment, and training centres, cafés and restaurants. Kunnskapverksted, is particularly suitable for workshops, meetings and courses. Hollenderiet is suitable for commercial businesses and offices. Today, there is a café and outdoor table service at Hollenderiet.


At Klosterøya Business Park, there is a broad mix of public and private companies. On the east side around Uniontorget, there are several business developers, advisers, entrepreneurs and IT companies, which together form a useful collective for entrepreneurs and business development. On the square, there are fitness centres, health businesses, hairdresser’s, a driving school, café and restaurant, Pure Juicebar & Café and Trudes Kantine at Kunnskapsverksted. On the ridge along Klostergata, there are office buildings.

Some of the bigger leaseholders at Klosterøya Business Park include Innovation Norge Vesfold og Telemark, Vekst i Grenland, StartOpp Grenland, Ungt Entrepenørskap Vestfold Telemark24SevenOffice, BouvetSATS KlosterøyaBraathe Gruppen, Rambøll, NHO Vestfold Telemark, Varden.


There is plenty of parking space at Klosterøya Business Park, both undercover and outside for both staff and visitors. There are several electric car charging stations.

Photos of Klosterøya Business Park

Hollenderiet-Klosteroya-naeringspark- Bratsberg
Kafe-Hollenderiet-Klosteroya-naeringspark- Bratsberg

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