Bratsberg / Thomas Hellstrand

Thomas Hellstrand

Head of operations Lietorvet Centre, Trosvik Business Park and Skoppum Technology Park

I can help you

Find solutions for operating-related questions, as well as cater for other wishes leaseholders and clients may have. I am responsible for operations at Trosvik Business Park, Lietorvet Centre and Skoppum Technology Park.

My working day

Consists of various operating-related duties, where no day is the same. Looking after the buildings, making sure everything is working, and helping leaseholders with different needs and services.

My skills

I have IT qualifications. I have experience in personnel administration, management, economics and am a certified carpenter. I am service-oriented, versatile and cheerful!

My focus

To continuously develop myself professionally and as a person.

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Contact information


Telephone:Telefon: 913 79 256

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