Bratsberg / Simon S. Stordalen

Simon S. Stordalen

MD / CEO Bratsberg Næringseiendom

I can help you

Find the right premises in the right location. We have an extensive business portfolio and the ability to provide and implement what the leaseholders require.

My working day

Maintaining and developing Bratsberg’s business property portfolio. Securing good liquidity for our projects and business properties in cooperation with the financial director. I represent the owners in all the boards associated with the company’s operating and project companies. I ensure the practice of good business etiquette towards leaseholders, partners and our staff.

My skills

Business property, retail, marketing knowledge and economy. I am always seeking to aquire new knowledge. I have good teamwork skills and like getting things done. I am especially interested in people.

My focus

Showing respect and caring about others – being nice is easier than being the opposite. Doing as best I can. A good run in the woods or a skiing excursion up a snowy peak helps solve most issues.

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Contact information


Telephone:Telefon: 416 93 424

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