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Klosterøya, Skien

Klosterøya is perhaps Norway’s best example of rapid transformation. A large industrial area with disused factory buildings, from the days of Union’s paper production, has been transformed into a new area of spectacular housing and new businesses in Skien.

Bratsberg took over and continued with the development of Klosterøya in 2011.

Water purification facility turned into characteristic apartments

Skien’s most characteristic residential area with 100 apartments is built on and around a biological water purification facility. The industrial character has been preserved and Marit Benthe Norheim’s 5 gigantic “gallionsskulpturer” (“galleon sculptures”) of concrete adorn the buildings. Old and new are combined in an interesting way.

Award-winning business space

Bratsberg’s 7 business spaces at Klosterøya Business Park Park are filled with new companies and work places. Entrepreneurs, IT companies, advisers, cultural, media, fitness and health businesses all feel at home here. All the buildings have been rehabilitated, and preserved industrial buildings converted for businesses. Bratsberg received Skien Council’s Preservation Award for Hollenderiet in 2019.

Instigator of town centre development

On Klosterøya, Skien upper secondary school, The Ibsen Theatre, and Spriten Art Centre and artist studios are already up and running Meanwhile, further residential developments on Klosterøya Vest and the northern part of the island are underway. Klosterøya is part of Skien’s ongoing urban development project, and plans are in the making for new and extensive residential developments around the water. Skien Council , Bypakke Grenland and other contributors are planning walking and cycling bridge links around Bryggevannet to join the central areas, Klosterøya and Skien, closer together.


District development - housing and business properties

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