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Being a satisfied leaseholder

Looking for attractive business premises with a good location? In our extensive portfolio, you will find plenty of opportunities.

Bratsberg owns and manages over 100 000 m2 of business property in Grenland. We can help you to find your dream premises, develop a new concept or modernise an existing property. Together, we can create space to succeed!

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Our clients

Since 2004, we have been transforming derelict urban and industrial areas into prospering centres for development and business. Today, we are the biggest property developer in Grenland, with a market leading position in business property. 280 businesses lease premises from us in Porsgrunn, Skien and at Skoppum.

At Bratsberg Næringseiendom, we develop, lease and oversee the properties. We work together with both big and small companies and well-established concepts, as well as on exciting entrepreneurial ventures. Our clients represent a broad spectrum of businesses, ranging from IT, technology and innovation to retail, health and service industries.

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Kafe Hollenderiet på Klosteroya Næeringspark

Running smoothly

At Bratsberg, we work across our various disciplines in order to meet the needs of our clients, all of whom have different kinds of challenges and goals. We have, for instance, a dedicated operative team, which makes sure the working day runs smoothly at the office, in the shop, at the fitness centre or the warehouse. Our heads of operations have many years’ experience with property maintenance and management.

Johnny takes good care of our leaseholders in Skien, Jørn in Porsgrunn and Thomas at Lietorvet, Trosvik Business Park and Skoppum Technology Park. Together with the rest of the Bratsberg team, they strive to make sure that the working day runs smoothly for our leaseholders, and that the buildings are always fully functional and no questions remain unanswered.

Hårek Stranheim, department manager at Bouvet, on working with Bratsberg:

Bratsberg dismantled a large industrial hall and built Skien upper secondary school without any disruptions for us, and we have our offices in the neighbouring building. I still wonder how they did it. Whenever our needs change, Bratsberg is exceptionally efficient in making sure we are guaranteed good and suitable premises. It therefore feels very reassuring to be a leaseholder with Bratsberg.

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Jorunn Isaksen, owner and manager of Jonas B. on working with Bratsberg:

I have been a leaseholder for 15 years and during that time, Bratsberg has become a major player within business property. They are always supportive, proactive and solution oriented. I feel Bratsberg has a proper understanding of my position as a restaurateur and knows what my staff require in order to remain happy at work. In these times, I have been happy to have such a professional company at my side, which has supported me and made me feel secure in a difficult situation. They go to work every day wishing their leaseholders success.

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Vidar Mathiesen, MD / CEO at Inflow Control, on working with Bratsberg:

We have clear ambitions for continued expansion at Porselensfabrikken in Porsgrunn. Our first meeting with Bratsberg Næringseiendom was crucial in our decision to establish ourselves here. We like their ambitious approach. It fits our way of doing things. To have good premises is essential for attracting both customers and employees.

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Available premises

Storgata 159, Porsgrunn:

The premises will be rehabilitated in 2020/2021. There are 4000 m2 of space divided into four floors, with an opportunity for a roof terrace. Storgata 159 is situated between the new and old parts of town in the main street in Porsgrunn. It is only a short distance to public transport services and road networks.

Klosterøya Business Park, Skien:

The business park comprises ultra-modern business premises divided between seven rehabilitated industrial buildings. It is situated on the main road intersection between Skien town centre and Herkules, the region’s largest shopping centre. At Klosterøya Business Park, you will find attractive office premises, fitness centres, restaurants/cafés and course and service premises.

Skoppum Technology Park:

Be part of an exciting technology and innovation milieu! The technology park is located at Skoppum close to the railway station and the E18 motorway in Vestfold. Several companies in the process of expansion have already established themselves here, for example MEMSCAP®, Sensocure and Broentech.

Find your dream premises

View all our business properties in Skien, Porsgrunn and at Skoppum. Are you interested in viewing vacant premises, locations and facilities, or maybe you would like to discuss other opportunities?  Contact us here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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