Bratsberg / Thor Johan Oterholt

Thor Johan Oterholt

Operating technician

I can help you

I am an operating technician at our properties in Skien. I make sure all the outdoor and green spaces around the properties are kept looking their best. I carry out planting, trimming bushes and hedges, and cutting the lawns. I also carry out operating-related duties indoors.

My working day

My job is first and foremost to make sure the leaseholders feel well taken care of. I simply have to ask them what they need help with.

My skills

I am thorough and dedicated in my work. I have a good eye for art and am a capable painter.

My focus

My children and my dogs are my life. I am also a keen outdoor person, so it suits me down to the ground that large portions of the day are taken up with working outside.

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Telephone:Telefon: 954 89 661

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