Bratsberg / Kenneth S. Antonsen

Kenneth S. Antonsen

Financial director / CFO

I can help you

I work primarily with cost control and the financing of the entire Bratsberg concern. I work to secure good economic structures and ensure forecasts are met.

My working day

Securing good liquidity and economy for our projects and business properties in cooperation with the MD / CEO. I represent the owners in all the boards associated with the company’s operating and project companies. Frequent dialogues with our financial institutions.

My skills

I have worked as an auditor for Bratsberg since 2004 and began as financial director in 2012. I have gained solid competencies within the property profession and know the concern extremely well. I am structured, conscientious and have a high work capicity.

My focus

It takes years to build up trust, but only seconds to lose it. Trust and honesty are two things I have high regard for.

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Telephone:Telefon: 480 92 585

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